Academic Programe

Our Dreams

  • We dare to dream the possibilities
  • We dare to achieve high standards of academic excellence.
  • We aspire to work to the highest level
  • We aspire to display good manners at all times
  • We love to set high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • We love to make best use of talents, time and resources

Integrated Curriculum

With selfless service our teaching fraternity offer or mentor the young minds to take the challenge of life with dignity and tricks.

KG Classes:

Small children (kids) have a natural ability to analyze and infer simple things like colorful pictures, toys as well as music. The KG kids are taught through play-way method. Numerous pictures, toys, alphabets, shapes, flash cards and sounds are used for effective teaching and learning.

Often, they are taken out to the nature to learn by seeing as per the direction and guidance of their teachers.

Classes 1 & 2:

According to Educational psychology, there are individual differences in the pupil, so pupils have different learning levels to understand the subjects. A special effort is taken to analyze the students of classes 1and 2 and follow the method of learning by doing.

Classes 3 & 8:

CCE – Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation is a new system, followed for the students of classes 3 to 8. Through this system, we evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence in our school. This system focuses more on projects and activities than actual learning. We plan systematically for every term and subject and follow activity and worksheet based methods to make the students as active learners and not as passive learners.

Classes 9 to 12:

As Swamy Vivekanatha rightly said, ‘arise, awake and not stop till the goal is reached’, we begin every academic year with a same goal to get best results possible. The progress of each student is closely watched and monitored and remedial measures are taken up to make those lagging behind in their studies to come up to the set standards. Thus, special classes as well as extra classes are conducted depending upon the progress levels of the students.

Cambridge English

English is everywhere. English has emerged as a global language. In the era of competitive world where the majority of the students are attempting GRE and TOEFL, and as the educated Indians are unemployed in the country, we aim to provide opportunity to our students to derive work force abroad in the future through Cambridge English training. Through this course offered in our school, the students will be certified to appear TOEFL to work in England, America and so on.

  • Basically Cambridge English classes are offered to the students so as to learn the skills of the language effectively.
  • The students are now facilitated by software to provide pronunciation through phonetics in smart board and computer.

E.C.A & C.C.A

(ECA) We are ever vigilant to the fact that our students shall not spend their time in vain. Because, we acknowledge the fact that every child is blessed with some or the other talents and we hope to nurture and develop them to their advantage.It is mandatory, that all our students take part in atleast one extra – curricular activities. Some of the ECA activities of our school are Silambam, Karate, Classical dance, Western dance, Keyboard, Yoga, Veenai, drawing etc.

(CCA) Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of personality development. Besides the formal curriculum, we lay equal importance to the co-curricular activities. Number of activities and opportunities are given to widen the mental horizons of the children to develop their attitudes and channelling their creative abilities.

Subject Groups

Standard 11th and 12th
  • Group A: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • Group B: Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • Group C: Business Maths, Accountancy, Commerce, Economics
  • Group D: Computer Science, Accountancy, Commerce, Economics


The highly equipped infrastructure facilities supportthe young minds for their academic excellencein our schools.

Beautiful class rooms, Play grounds, and four + four techno based smart rooms, four spacious, well equipped ventilated laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

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